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Seamlessly uniting sales and marketing requires a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, the courage to dream big and sell hard. Some refer to people with this sort of multidisciplinary expertise as‘unicorns’ because of their supposedly mythical nature. We just call them ‘Our Team’.

The Team

Blair Johnson

Entrepreneur / Digital Expert / Innovator

As President and Founder of Blue Elephant Realty, I have helped agents, home sellers and buyers achieve remarkable success. I’m a dealmaker and a digital expert focused on helping Blue Elephant grow in agents and satisfied customers. I am driven by a passion for cutting-edge quality marketing, systems and technology.

Mark Wadden

Entrepreneur / Deal Maker / Relationship Architect

As CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Elephant Group Inc., I am responsible for identifying and building relationships with individuals and companies that we want to work with.  Whether these are potential clients, vendors, suppliers or talented people that we want on our team, I identify, qualify and focus on bringing them to our table. Nurturing these relationships and expanding these relationships is how I focus on growing our business and the business of our clients.

Ryan Joseph

Ryan Joseph

strategist/art director/pop culture expert

I’m a Creative Director and Brand Strategist, with a passion for entrepreneurship and building brands. I’m a pop culture expert and love staying on top of the latest trends to pull insights that make unique brands.

Jay Dingwall

Jay Dingwall

strategist/steady-hand/comedy nerd

As the President and Brand Strategist for Blue Elephant Design and Marketing, I provide answers and remove worries. I focus on the big picture, fostering successful relationships between our team and clients.

Adam Maclean

Adam Maclean

design/brand strategy/copywriter/landlord

I am a seasoned brand-oriented Creative Director working tirelessly to ensure that your message stays on strategy, looking and sounding exactly as it should to connect with your audience.

Lee Stafford

Producer/planner/problem solver

I’m the Director of Operations with more than 20 years of experience in the creative strategy, media, production and operations side of the communications industry. My end goal is to get things done. I work closely with agency teams and production partners, steering ideas through to flawless execution.

Andy Wood

designer/artist/font geek

I’m an art director with a passion for functional and fashionable design. I’ve been in love with art and design since the day I picked up my first crayon, constantly drawing, doodling  and making things as I grew up. I’m a firm believer in the power of a strong concept with an unexpected execution.

Deirdre Thibault


I’m a designer, illustrator and obsessive organizer. I’m a nerd culture enthusiast with a passion for smart and beautiful design.

Nicole Spiteri

Content Creator/Copywriter/Design Enthusiast

As a content creator, I combine my passion for both design and storytelling in order to bring our client’s projects to life. My goal is to foster a meaningful connection between audience and product through a brand’s visuals, voice, and personality.

Abady Alzahrani


Part Account Manager, part Strategist, I focus on identifying emerging trends, behaviours and brand insights, utilizing this knowledge to achieve my client’s goals, on time and on budget.

Jimmy Rose

developer/designer/music nerd

I’m a User Experience and User Interface Designer/Developer with a strong track record as a digital professional for well over a decade. I’m experienced in strategizing, designing, coding and launching websites and digital applications for hundreds of clients across dozens of business categories.

Brad Dykema


I’m a seasoned copywriter with over 18 years of national and international brand-building experience. No matter what the medium, my goal to make the work, and therefore the brand, unignorable.

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