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A new YMCA facility and a residential mixed-use development were part of a proposed project being put forward by the YMCA of Halifax in partnership with the neighbouring CBC building. As a communications partner for the YMCA, we came on board to help the YMCA communicate the impact of such a facility will have on the community. Before being brought into the situation, the client made it clear that the municipal government and its councilors would not be backing the proposed development. The YMCA had to overcome political obstacle by connecting on a human level to the community and ultimately the political opponents to ensure the development was built.

The Goal

Educate the public on the reasons “Y” Halifax needed this vital downtown development.

Key Insight

There was much to tell and much to be inspired by. We didn’t merely list the reasons “Y” the YMCA project was important, we showed the very impact the centre and its programs would have on the community. We took that message to the public in the form of television, radio, print and social media. Our social media strategy was aimed at engagement and education of the true benefits that will be delivered to the different segments of society.

In order to get our clients crown jewel, the proposed residential and commercial YMCA/CBC building built, we had to rally the entire community and get their support so city councillors would feel the pressure and approve the project.

To accomplish this, we created a series of photojournalistic style videos that authentically and honestly captured the various cultures that would benefit from a new YMCA. The videos became part of our social media campaign, and connected with the community on a human level, educating the public on the reasons “Y” Halifax needed this vital downtown development.


The YMCA national office would call this social media campaign one of its best ever. The 2 month campaign ran in-market and garnered almost 100 percent positive feedback in social media circles with major influencers calling for the approval of the project. On judgement day, the YMCA received unanimous support for the project to move forward. Not one vote against the proposed development was cast and the community warmly embraced this result and looks forward to the new and improved YMCA.

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