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St. Lawrence Place

Branding & Marketing

St. Lawrence Place

The condo market has grown steadily over the last decade with no signs of slowing. Toronto’s skyline, littered with cranes, is all the visual proof you need. Halifax is no different. St. Lawrence Place, a new condo development in Halifax’s bustling Fairview neighbourhood, needed a big idea to attract residents. We thrive on challenges like moving units in an over-saturated housing market.

The Goal

Make a splash and build a buzz around the launch of St. Lawrence Place.

Key Insight

We married the benefit of condo living (less upkeep than owning a house) with the building’s unique physical characteristics (floor to ceiling windows) in one overarching campaign concept. The tagline “live lighter” was developed and used across all campaign touch points.

A move into a condo for most empty nesters (the primary target) means downsizing. Going from a house with a yard and garage to a condo is a big change. What do you do with your lawn mower, snow blower and weed-whacker? You get us to sell them for you, that’s what you do. To coincide with spring-cleaning we launched a campaign that helped future SLP residents get rid of the stuff they would no longer need. In phase 1, using Billboards, we asked people to upload the outdoor maintenance gear they wouldn’t need to the SLP Facebook page. In phase 2, we followed through on our promise to sell their stuff. Phase 3 fullfilled on the idea with lifestyle images and headlines that spoke to why someone would sell a lawnmower in the first place (their lifestyles have been made simpler).

Besides the big spring push, the overall digital strategy used relevant content to draw in potential consumers. We developed long form and short form content. A contest drove people into St. Lawrence Place’s model suite and awarded them with freebies from local businesses. Real-time feedback was generated allowing SLP to improve their efforts on the fly.

The Results

We increased the likes on SLP’s Facebook page from basically nothing to a following of 500+. The number of phone calls SLP received rose +200%.The phone was ringing off the hook. The billboards took home  top honours in the out-of-home category at the ICE Awards, Atlantic Canada’s premier advertising awards show.

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