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Long Lake Village

A quick 10 minute jaunt from downtown Halifax is Long Lake Provincial Park. It’s a convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s the type of place where parents don’t worry about their kids playing outside past sundown and where you still hear “CARRRRRR” shouted as the kids playing road hockey drag the nets to the side of the street.

The Goal

For homebuyers to sense a real difference in this new community.

Key Insight

With the community built around a beautiful all encompassing playground, what differentiates Long Lake Village is an old-world view of what a neighbourhood should stand for. It’s been designed to get families out of their homes and back to an active lifestyle.

Our strategy for branding this community centred around a simple sentiment and word – play. Kids play on the playground. Families and outdoorsy types play in Long Lake Provincial Park. Adults play at the neighbourhood coffee shop/bar. It’s the kind of play that happens right outside your front window, the OG type that’s never shared or re-tweeted. With this insight top of mind, we developed a brand that reflected a neighbourhood that is playful, well-built, modern, original, friendly, and intimate. The tagline “Where Play Lives” was born, along with a logo that reflects the colours of Long Lake Village’s natural surroundings.

The Results

We were able to develop and position Long Lake Village as the destination for the adventurous and the lifestyle that our audience aspires to and covets. It’s the perfect place for young families.

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