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One of the more tedious aspects of developing real estate is aligning your marketing team with your brokerage. Having experienced it first-hand time and time again, we saw an opportunity to be the sort of agency that we’d want to work with. One where a seamless integration of disciplines and roles make it difficult to tell where storytelling ends and selling begins.

See the Potential

Most real estate marketing follows a formulaic approach: think of a ‘cool’ name, show renders of the property, pray. We look past architects’ drawings and get to the heart of the development’s culture. What will this world look like? That crooked warehouse with the colony of rats pouring out of it? It’s not just some rundown building, it’s the anchor of Toronto’s next vibrant arts community. Or the hub of an affluent urban village. We’re building the authentic worlds your audience wants to live in, often with not much more than a few key data points and half a hole in the ground.

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Sell the Dream

Understanding what your audience wants and giving it to them is key. We’re not just selling property, we’re selling a culture so contagious that people need to belong to it. But there’s a lot of competition out there. Today more than ever, you need to not only understand who your audience is but where they are and how to reach them. At the core of our offering is an analytics process built around laser-focused consumer targeting and retargeting. We validate and adjust our message in real time to ensure it connects by measuring consumer engagement against sales results.

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With experience in every seat at the table, from developer to marketer, we know that developing real estate is a stressful undertaking with plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. We also know it doesn’t have to be.

Why isn’t anyone else doing it?

It’s not always easy for a seasoned broker to take criticism from a designer or for a strategist to hear about the holes in their brand narrative from a property developer. But that’s what it takes. There’s a degree of letting go and a willingness to listening to outsiders that makes an arrangement like this possible. And honestly, that’s not for everyone.

But enough about us…

This is really about you and how partnering with Blue Elephant benefits you. It can all be summed up in one thought: easier for you, harder for us. Through rigorous process and engaging personalities, we build brands that move people. And given the opportunity, we’ll move you too.

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